SOLD!! Dean Dymerski Painted Master Replicas Millennium Falcon Prototype


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Up for sale is a one of a kind kit version of the Master Replicas Millennium Falcon. This was a kit version of the falcon which was originally owned by Dean Dymerski and was built and painted by him. Dean was chosen by Master Replicas to do the paint masters which would be used by their factory in China to paint the other models. Dean is a master model builder and painter and this falcon is truly one of a kind. The production models all sat at a tilted display angle whereas this one was built to sit flat. IMO this is a much better angle to enjoy the shape and beauty of this model. The paint-job is nothing less than spectacular. For the falcon, the paint-job is the single biggest feature to it looking the way it should and also the hardest part of the process to do right. A totally accurate model with an inferior paint-job is going to be less than impressive. This model is accurate down to every dot, smudge, streak and chip. It looks as close to identical to the original filming miniature as is possible short of having the actual ILM model. Even if one built their own, not just anyone can pull off a paint-job this accurate. Dean also did custom lighting and detailed the cockpit whereas the production models have a transparent film for the back wall of the cockpit. He also sculpted Han & Chewbacca figures for the cockpit as well. Unlike the production models, the internal wiring is accessible by removing the rear engine wedge if necessary as well as the top turret. The falcon sits atop a lovely custom stand that is just high enough to see the underside of the bird fairly well. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own one of the most accurate models of this iconic ship that is in existence. I have an original Styrofoam bottom that was used to ship the production models that holds the falcon securely and will not let it move around. Because there is no full shipping carton however, I will construct a wooden crate for this to rest inside and it will need to be shipped freight to insure it’s safe arrival. I will be glad to deliver the crate to a local shipper of the buyer’s choice if necessary. All shipping details beyond this and packing will be the responsibility of the buyer. Local pick-up is also an option. I drove all the way from Georgia to Pennsylvania to pick this up originally and it’s certainly worthy of a road trip. Feel free to call Chris any time with questions at 706-825-9057.







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