Five Variations of SURVEY CLASS Vessels by Jeff Pollizzotto

Jeff at JP Modelworks has been busy! These five Survey Class vessels came all based on a single ship kit from SFSM Vacuum-form Kit. I have to say I very much like what Jeff has done with these designs… all with specific purpose… and all which fit right in with the Star Trek universe as we all know it. Beautiful work!

Here is what Jeff has to say…

Here is another project that I finished at the end of last year.

Survey Class “Variations” models

This is a series of five models I built using the SFSM Survey class vacuum-form kit (which I mastered many years ago). I had also mastered a “Variation” vacuum-form kit that would give the modeler the extra parts needed to build many different versions using the original kit as a starting point. I finally had the time to build my own versions and these are the results. Jackills guides provided most of the info and drawings I needed to build these models and I set up a “mini” assembly line to help me getting these done in a timely fashion. My two favorite ships are the USS Conner hospital ship and the USS Vincent “tug” (named after my dad). Unfortunately, the kit is no longer in production but it was a great one while it lasted.

Jeff Pollizzotto

JP Modelworks

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USS Archer (front)

USS Archer (rear)


USS Conner (side from rear)

USS Conner (side)


USS Dykstra (front)

USS Dykstra (rear above)


USS Vincent (front above)

USS Vincent (rear)


USS Vinton (front)

USS Vinton (rear)

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