Daedalus Class U.S.S. ESSEX by Jeff Pollizzotto Modelworks

I have the great pleasure of introducing Jeff Pollizzotto Modelworks to this Gallery. His first showing is a fantastic scratch build from the Star Trek Universe… the Daedalus Class… U.S.S. Essex! This is a design I have always felt lacking, however… viewing it built as Jeff did so… I now have a new found appreciation for the design… and I absolutely love this build he made! I am very much looking forward to showing more of this artist’s work!

Here is what Jeff has to say of his creation…

This is a scratch built model of the USS Essex / Daedalus class starship from the Trek universe.

The hull and engines are styrene tubing and the forward sphere is made from two Plastruct domes. It is painted in Tamiya acrylics with some weathering around the panel lines. Decals are by JT Graphics and the patch on the base was reprinted from artwork of the original patch from the real Naval Vessel.


Jeff Pollizzotto

JP Modelworks


To contact Jeff Pollizzotto Modelworks direct, please click the banner link below…


Essex 1

Essex 2








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