KIT ALERT! 2001:ASO Space Clipper from Moebius Models

February 21, 2011

This fantastic kit has arrived! View your local hobby store to purchase!

Here are some new photos of the actual production kit… straight from the box! The amazing decal sheet can be seen below…

I wish to thank Frank Winspur of Moebius Models and Adam K. Johnson of AJA Models for putting together such a fine kit from the Kubrick Masterpiece Film 2001 A Space Odyssey.



And the production model… straight out of the box!



And again… the amazing decals!

SpaceClipperRevised Decals

February 3, 2011

Without a doubt, the 2001 Space Clipper ORION is one of Science Fiction’s best designs! Especially when it comes to real functionality! Now, due to fantastic circumstance, the great skills of artist Adam K. Johnson, and the shear determination and quality control of Moebius Models, the public is about to receive the most accurate Space Clipper ever made in kit form. If it were larger, it could be considered to be called “Replica”.

Here is what artist Adam K. Johnson of AJA Models has to tell us of this great kit…

Here are photos of the model and decal sheet.

This is the prototype model kit.    Note the surfaces have not been polished, but will be when the model kit is actually released.

This kit is the first injection molded kit to ever be released from 2001: A Space Odyssey that follows the original blueprints accurately.

Surface details were created by close examination of the original pictures, and mapping them onto a 3d computer model.

Note the intakes along the front edge of the wings are correctly and accurately replicated, as well as the ‘wing fences’ along the trailing edges of the wings.

Since the filming miniature had a smooth surface, this model replicates that, as well as the fine airbrush panel pattern and small decals prevalent on the surfaces.

The scale is the same as the original Aurora kit (about 1/160th)  or about 13” long.

Pan Am decals will not be in the kit,  but will be available through Culttvman, Starshipmodeler, and AJAmodels.

The aftermarket decals also includes airline liveries of BOAC, United Airlines,  Qantas, KLM, American Airlines, and  TWA.






SpaceClipperRevised Decals


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