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Collector Alert!! 2001: A Space Odyssey Space Helmet w/Stand from TimeSlip Creations




2001: A Space Odyssey Helmet w/Stand


*Prop Scale: 1/1
*Kit Price: $2001.00 U.S. plus Shipping
*Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location
*Availability Date: Now
*Payment M...

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2001 ASO Space Station 5 scratch build by Warren Zoell

This beautiful piece was hand crafted by the Great Canadian Model Builder himself… Warren Zoell! This is a piece that has long been a favorite of mine from 2001 ASO! The original has been det...

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KIT ALERT! 2001:ASO Space Clipper from Moebius Models

February 21, 2011

This fantastic kit has arrived! View your local hobby store to purchase!

Here are some new photos of the actual production kit… straight from the box! The amazing decal sheet...

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2001 A.S.O. 1:8 E.V.A. Pod scratch built by Warren Zoell

2001 A Space Odyssey was one of those films that made history...

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Kit Alert! 1:3 Studio Scale 2001 ASO French Orbiting Weapons Satellite from AJA Models



2001 ASO

French Orbiting Weapons Satellite

Kit Producer: AJA Models    FrenchSatV_2

Kit Scale: 1/3 Studio Scale

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: 18

Kit Price: $65 USD

Shipping Amoun...

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Kit Alert! 1:3 Studio Scale 2001 ASO U.S. Air Force Satellite from AJA Models

Kit Alert
2001 U.S. Air Force Satellite
Scale: 1/3rd Studio
Material: Resin
Number of Pieces: 7
Price: $49
Shipping: $8
Available: NOW
Payment Method: PayPal, Credit ...
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2001 German Orbiting Weapons Satellite by Jean-Marc Deschamps

Built from the outstanding AJA Models Kit, industry famed artist Jean-Marc Deschamps did a wonderful job making this look like a studio filming miniature...

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2001 Moonbus by Eric Duchin

This fantastic build was done by master modeler Eric Duchin! Beautifully built from the amazing Moebius Models kit, this piece is one of the most well known from 2001 A Space Odyssey! Another outstand...

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