SOLD! MR First Engineering Prototype Millennium Falcon



When I was contacted by known artist and collector Barry Jones to place this piece up for sale, my jaw dropped. THIS is the First Engineering Prototype from China of the Millennium Falcon that Master Replicas put out. Not even the #0001 production piece is as valuable as this! And it comes with all the little extras that make the sale of this piece irresistible. The pieces are no longer in production… as Master Replicas no longer exists…. and THIS piece is the ORIGINAL prototype! I don’t anticipate this to last long! There is only one of these in the world…. and it is a Collector’s GRAIL!

Here is what Mr. Jones has to tell of this piece he is selling to some lucky collector…

The most valuable thing I have in my collection is this First Engineering Prototype Millennium Falcon. This was the first pre-production Falcon built by the factory to test the process involved in making the model, and from which we were able to judge how good the finished item might be.

ALL of the parts on this model were cast in resin, including all of the kit pieces that detail the surface. We supplied original kit pieces or copies of original parts, supplied by Frank Cerney and Morten Moselund, to the factory and they cast these pieces to produce this FEP. The kit parts on the production version of the Falcon were all injection molded copies of the original. I was sent the FEP so that I could A) Design the graphics for the cock-pit interior, and B) I used this FEP and the cast kit pieces to check the accuracy of the injection molded pieces as they were tooled.

Afterwards it was packed in the garage.

It features the original mounting point on the lower gun port. The original intention was to display the model level and not cantilevered at an angle. When this change was added the lower gun port had to be changed to accept the mounting point at an angle. There is no display stand with the model. I used to sit in on an MR  Snowspeeder display base while I worked on it. This was also the model that Lucasfilm approved and signed off on for detail on the Falcon.

I could also throw in the test sprues for the Falcon Injection pieces and the artwork files I drew for the cockpit graphics.


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