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SOLD!! MR Studio Scale Imperial Walker ARTIST PROOF Signed by Phil Tippett


This will not last long people. And it is a Phil Tippett signed artist proof from the Barry Jones Collection! This piece is FANTASTIC!!

Here is what Mr. Jones has to say…

For offer fro...

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SOLD! MR First Engineering Prototype Millennium Falcon



When I was contacted by known artist and collector Barry Jones to place this piece up for sale, my jaw dropped...

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DONATED!! ROTJ Speeder Bike Diorama by Randy Neubert

Speeder Bike Diorama

Donated to a Museum!

Hello! My name is Randy Neubert of VoodooFX!  Here is some history behind this one of a kind custom Speeder Bike & Diorama for sale...

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SOLD!! Luke Skywalker’s RED 5 Studio X-Wing REPLICA now from the Michael Kuehner Collection

Built originally for the Kuhn Global, Inc. Collection by Master Artist R.L. Bleecker for a 50 foot Death Star Trench Scene Display…

This fantastic piece now resides in the Collection of Mr...

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