NEWS! DeAgostini’s Studio Scale Millennium Falcon with SD Studios own Stephen Dymszo

The world of Sci-Fi Modelers has been buzzing with DeAgostini’s subscrition release of the Studio Scale Millennium Falcon! Not only is this Falcon extremely accurate, as made certain by Mr. Dymszo in his extreme knowledge of the actual studio model, but it is an actual model to build! Everyone knows that DeAgostini’s subscription gets you certain parts per each mailing….mailings that will take 100 deliveries to fulfill the fantastic, almost 32 inch beast! Plus it comes with really cool information and gifts too! The one problem thus far… it is only available in the UK. All of my friends there are getting inundated with people asking them to get subscriptions for them. Please do not ask these artists to do this as they have enough on their plates. There will better ways to get this, and of course not being available to the world right now will not due, so we have some news direct from DeAgostini….


Unfortunately the Millennium Falcon is not currently available to our US customers of yet. We are trying to have this model migrated over from the UK by early April, please subscribe to the newsletter on to be notified when this model is released.

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Artist Stephen Dymszo is working side by side with DeAgostini since he worked directly with the studio model in the Lucasfilm Archive for Master Replicas years ago. This model will even have the missing parts that the MR version did not have for whatever reason, and even have the lower gun, and interior that the MR release also did not have. Using the scans of the actual studio model, Stephen is making certain that all parts are accurate. Thus the change in some of the parts that had been released months ago in the UK had to be done. DeAgostini replaced everyone’s first released parts with new, accurate parts (I am speculating once they had the actual scans of the studio model). Never the less, they are correct now. Below you will see the photos of an MR Falcon, with the missing parts placed upon it, and painted to be exactly like the studio model in the Lucasfilm Archives by Stephen Dymszo himself. All the signatures on the model hull are even being replicated. While MR used people to paint their replicas, DeAgostini are making ‘stamps’ that replicate each and every marking, even the paint flecks on every part that each and every person will have an accurate paint job. Of course everyone I know will simply paint over it anyway for their own, but it is nice to note.

I wish to thank Stephen Dymszo and DeAgostini for releasing this great piece for us all!


The folks I am working with said they will try to get the production paintjob to “90%”. My video will show folks how to get the last 10%. (spatter, signatures, various scorch marks, etc).

Their markings will be mostly pad-printed, which will be a huge improvement over the MR for reproducibility from model-to-model. On the MR, it was a crap-shoot as to what kind of paint-job you would get.

That was all we could do at that time.

I logged every mark I could identify and placed each on the exact position (as best as humanly possible.) I even sketched out the “airbrush splat marks”, stains and scorch-marks and practiced each before applying it to the model in the correct position and orientation.

EVERY hash, double-hash, and closed rectangle mark is present as are all of the signatures. I even practiced copying each ILMer’s “font” before adding it to the model. Some of the signatures are so small, I had to use a 00000 rapidograph pen to get it to the correct size.

And of course, the filming model is COVERED in “spatter”. Three different colors.

I am super-picky about paint jobs and I spent two years (now… two years and six months) working on the Falcon, including handling it directly, so I am more familiar with it than most.

I wanted to give DeAgostini the most-accurate paint job that I could, as they were not allowed to access the archive model.

This one took me 65 hours. Oy.

Go big or go home.



That stated… let us take a look at this fantastic release. Here is the paint master that Stephen did for DeAgostini….











… And here is a great video telling what they are doing…




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SD Studios

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Stephen Dymszo




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