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SOLD! “INNER SPACE” KRAKEN POD kit from Randy Cooper


Highly Rare and Collectible!


$350 Plus Shipping

Includes the Kit and the Igo Body Section!

Monsters in motion bought my original, and turned it into a kit...

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COMING SOON!! Ian Blaza’s – Spaceships of Science Fiction Bookazine!

Magazine Designer Ian Blaza, and Ian Allan Publishing are producing a new publication… Spaceships of Science Fiction! This publication looks fantastic as you can see for yourself with the examples he ...

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COMING SOON!! 1:32 FS-1 FLying Sub “Display Ready”

Artists Alexander Rivera and Eric Chu have teamed up to produce a number if models of the FS-1 Flying Sub in time for 2012 Wonderfest! Below are the main orthos for that model that Eric penned.


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“Seaview” – Various Composites by Ken Hart

I have the great pleasure of introducing another great talent to this Gallery… Mr Ken Hart! His contributions and works are quite recognized in the hobby and industry...

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SEAVIEW – Composite Art by Warren Zoell

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea….. on of Irwin Allen’s fantastic adventures! Here is a great scene done by Canadian artist Warren Zoell that is beautiful...

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ALERT!! 46 Inch SEAVIEW “Concept II” from Deboer Hulls

I have been blown away by some fantastic re-designs before now…...

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Large SEAVIEW Sub with Professional Additions by Marc Elkins

I have to say that Marc Elkins continues to prove what an excellent, and professional modeler he is! His creativeness is astounding when it comes to modification of the original models...

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SEAVIEW by Paul Lubliner

This beautiful piece is from professional miniaturist Paul Lubliner! The SEAVIEW is one of the most recognizable models from the Irwin Allen adventure series of the 60’s and 70’s...

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1:32 Proteus by Rob McFarlane

The design is one of my all-time faves (when it comes to subs, Harper Goff’s da Man).

No fancy lighting here (next time!), but lots o’scratch-built detail parts e.g...

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Proteus Studio Model

For my friend Rob McFarlane, here are some photos of the Proteus Studio Model taken in front of a green screen for FX...

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