“Seaview” – Various Composites by Ken Hart

I have the great pleasure of introducing another great talent to this Gallery… Mr Ken Hart! His contributions and works are quite recognized in the hobby and industry. We are honored to be able to show some of them here.

Here is what Ken had to say of these SEAVIEW Composite Art Works…

My name is Ken Hart, from Syracuse, New York.   I’ve submitted a few of my “reality” artwork photos of the submarine SEAVIEW for your consideration.

Model building is my true forte, or was, a good few years back while my eyesight was much better…

I am a founding father and was the first president of the all-submarine modelling group The SubCommittee.   My submarine modelling work has been published in most of America’s top modelling magazines, as well as in magazines in Germany and in Japan during the 1990s.

SEAVIEW was never one of my modelling projects, as I did only real ships for clients and for museums, but I won’t deny SEAVIEW has always fascinated me.  The eight-window version more than the later four-window revamped version.

The photos I have submitted to you are also on display on the Irwin Allen website in their Gallery pages.   Photoshop work is not something I’ve perfected, but my computer at least allowed me to created these photos of the “real” SEAVIEW in “real” Navy situations that I’d always wished to see.   The photos I used to create them are from U.S. Navy websites and are open to public domain, so there is no problem with publishing them, especially in the form in which I have presented them.

Thank you!
Ken Hart


To contact artist Ken Hart direct, please click HERE!

To view these pieces in their original size, please click directly on them.

Z1 SEAVIEW 4-window TV series version in open drydock

Z3 SEAVIEW departing New London at dawn

Z4 SEAVIEW underway All Ahead Two Thirds

Z5 SEAVIEW at New London in January

Z6 SEAVIEW enters floating drydock at Point Loma, San Diego

Z7 SEAVIEW undergoing overhaul at EB Graving Dock Platform 1

Z8 SEAVIEW fitting out after overhaul at Electric Boat yard pier

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