ALERT!! 46 Inch SEAVIEW “Concept II” from Deboer Hulls

I have been blown away by some fantastic re-designs before now…. and this is no different! Dennis DeBoer (known for his 46 inch Enterprise 1701-A and Reliant kits, as well as many amazing Submarine Replicas) has again brought us a fantastic piece in this re-design of the Seaview Sub we all admired growing up, but THIS one certainly reflects the modern era! Beautifully done… I plan of getting one for the Collection!

Here are a few words from Mr. DeBoer…

July 26, 2010- New Concept II futuristic submarine model. A new design to an old favorite. The Concept II is a bigger submarine by scale, new body design, new power plant drive, new details. A beautiful model for display or RC running at Regatta’s. The concept II hull is made out of epoxy fiberglass. The model is 46 inches long. The top and bottom hull halves separate to allow for easy access to install RC equipment. Tail fins are molded to allow for lighting. An optional nose girder window beams are also available. The model is loaded with detail, like real submarine’s. Two versions are available, display or RC version. RC version is made stronger with bulkheads, for the added weight of the RC equipment. More pictures and information will be added later on.

Price: Display-$275.00

RC Version-$475.00

Nose girder window beams-$45.00

Shipping-$46.00 in United States

E-mail for International shipping cost.

**IMPORTANT** The design characteristics and specific construction details of the hull shown in this material are the property of DeBoer Hulls, who will make use of all legal remedies to protect its rights against anyone who copies or imitates them. Copyright-DeBoer Hulls 2010

Dennis DeBoer

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