Large SEAVIEW Sub with Professional Additions by Marc Elkins

I have to say that Marc Elkins continues to prove what an excellent, and professional modeler he is! His creativeness is astounding when it comes to modification of the original models. So much so that his models could be used for filming!

Here is what Marc has to say regarding this MOEBIUS Seaview Sub build!

This is the large Moebius model that I modified of which not many other modelers have opened up the Mini-Sub Bay like this. The model comes with those doors molded in so I cut them away and made the doors capable of reattaching with small earth magnets hidden on both ends of the doors and within the hull. I then scratched the bay interior with lighting, also customized the forward Flying Sub Bay by adding against the back wall a control room with windows viewing into the bay area with a crewman looking out into the bay. You can see him somewhat in the photos below, but my camera isn’t that great on Depth and Macro-Focus. However… it looks great in person! I got the idea for the control room from the TOS Starship Enterprise! I designed the entire top of the model to come off to allow easy access to the lighting and electronics. Fiber optics run thru both rear sails for the rear lights. I even back lit the television in the main observation deck with a man on its screen, for a freakin’ killer look! I hope you enjoy the photos of my build.

Marc Elkins

Seaview 120


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