UFO: Sky 1 by Trevor Alderson

Here is a magnificent built by artist Trever Alderson!


This was a quick build from the Imai kit, circa 1988, I think. Based on the attack craft from the famous British TV show from the late 60’s – early 70’s.

It is a well known fact that this kit is not an accurate representation of the studio model(s), and many of the body and wing sizes and proportions are way off. If you want to achieve studio scale accuracy it basically needs a
complete new scratch build. In this case, I did not try to do much to correct the design errors, but instead wanted to produce a good looking model of the ship to go with my other UFO items (mobile, interceptor etc). So I have built the kit almost ‘as is’ from the box, with the addition of a scratch built cockpit and pilot taken from a 1/72nd scale Russian fighter jet. I also added some photo etch details and new missile pods (from the same Russian fighter jet). To complete the model, decals from my private stash were added. The stand is by Polar Lights with a magnet in the body to hold the kit in place.

Hope you like it!


Trevor Alderson.









Trevor Alderson

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