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Alfred Wong’s 1/144 (~34cm / ~13.5 Inch!) ALIEN Resurrection BETTY in the Tobias Richter Collection

Purchased off eBay years ago, this Alien Resurrection Betty was built by artist Alfred Wong from his own patterned kit! Artist Tobias Richter did not have the immediate funds available to purchase thi...

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KORBANTH 38 Inch Super Star Destroyer “Executor” built by Tobias Richter

Originally shown here on Modeler Magic back on February 15, 2009… over 9 years ago, this model was built from the large Korbanth Model kit by artist and collector Tobias Richter of The Light Works...

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46 Inch Enterprise 1701-A built by Tim Ketzer

Shown originally here on Modeler Magic back on January 27, 2009…. over eight years ago… I felt this piece deserved a bump to the front pages once again.

Built from a DeBoer kit, Tim Ketzer masterfully...

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1:320 D7 Klingon Cruiser built by Tobias Richter

Originally shown here on January 31, 2009… I thought this build worth showing again…

Built from a kit, Tobias Richter of The Light Works did amazing work in replicating the Studio Model.

Here is what ...

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Tobias Richter’s – LARGE DeBoer Patterned – Starship Reliant built by Tim Ketzer

First shown here back on January 27, 2009, this fantastic piece deserved a bump to the front of the Gallery.

Built from the large scale DeBoer kit, and in scale with the 1701-A model, Master Modeler T...

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1:350 Romulan Bird of Prey built by Tobias Richter

This is another beauty we had shown back in 2009. Built from a Sovereign Replicas Kit, Tobias Richter of The Light Works, did amazing work with this piece!

Here is what Tobias had to say…

This is the...

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13’s Battlestar Phoenix Design (Over 6 Feet) built by Garry King… a HIT!!

Original design by Battlestar Galactica’s Eric Chu for the Production of “13”, (with length and design tweeks by Eric, Tobias Richter and myself),… artist Garry King built this beautiful design out of...

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KIT ALERT! 1:48 Fighting Freighter from DONSHOKO




Kit Producer: Don Showalter, Ed Holt falcon03

Kit Scale: 1/48 (28 Inch Long)

Kit Materials: Resin

Number of Pieces: 135

Kit Price: $600 USD

Shipping Amount: Free for C...

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HUGE!! 13th Tribe Battlestar from “13” **WIP** LEGO Build by Garry King

I have to say that I am both thrilled and honored that artist Garry King would build this 13 Tribe Battlestar (currently named PHOENIX for reference. This will change)...

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DEFIANT – Digital Build by Tobias Richter of The Light Works!

Famed Artist/Collector Tobias Richter never disappoints with his creations! Owner of The Light Works, this artist’s work simply floors me! This Defiant is beautiful!





To visit Tobias Richter’s site...

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