HUGE!! 13th Tribe Battlestar from “13” **WIP** LEGO Build by Garry King

I have to say that I am both thrilled and honored that artist Garry King would build this 13 Tribe Battlestar (currently named PHOENIX for reference. This will change). Designed by both myself and famed Galactica designer Eric Chu, then a digital build started by famed Digital modeler Tobias Richter, this design is still in it’s infancy for the future production named “13”. This production takes us to the beginning of the BG Saga (1000 years before the TOS version of 1978), revealing to us all why the Colonies were formed, why the Cylons began to hate humans and want them exterminated, why they are only Robots now, and the story of that famed missing Tribe… the 13th Tribe. We also see the first build of the Colonies Battlestar, which is the famed design we are all familiar with. It will be exciting indeed and written with the fans in mind. The production has been placed on hold until the Singer/DeSanto Galactica film is completed, and proper permissions can be achieve with Universal and Larson, as well as time availing itself to do so. This design, however, may continue sooner than later with Tobias, depending on mine, Eric’s and Tobias’s schedules. The first change will be the slight lowering of the Bay bods on each side so that it looks like it is flexing from the front. In any case… I am amazed at Garry’s work here. This is absolutely beautiful!! We are greatly honored! Thank you Garry for continuing the excitement about this production!!

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Productions
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If you want to see this in person, Garry will be displaying the finished build at the Lego Exhibition in Hobart Tasmania in early October of this year!!


Here is the Digital Model, with size reference to a Nimitz Class Carrier of today, showing that this first Battlestar is 1/3 shorter than the Battlestar we all know from 1978. If you look closely, you can see a Cobra Fighter (the 13th Tribe Fighter design) sitting on the foredeck of the launch bay of the 13th Tribe Battlestar.



And here is Garry’s amazing work in progress! BEAUTIFUL detail!!THE COLUMBIA 13TH TRIBE (59)




Garry King

LEGO & Model Miniatures

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