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Building the Dream: Kuhn Global’s Star Trek The Motion Picture USS Enterprise Refit Replica

There is so much content on this that we have to show everyone...

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HUGE! TimeSlip Creations 1/4 ALIEN by John Simmons

This amazing and huge 1/4 ALIEN from Timeslip Creations (mastered by Bill Weiger) is truly something magnificent...

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Kuhn Global’s – Buck Rogers – TimeSlip Creations Studio Scale (1/18) QUAD FIGHTER by Dan Grumeretz – Blue Screen Photos by Kuhn Global (Kurt Kuhn)

This has been a long time coming. We have had these amazing TimeSlip studio scale Thunder Fighter kits in our hands for years, and we were finally able to get to them...

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COMING SOON! RARE! Large Scale ALIENS DROPSHIP KIT from TimeSlip Creations





ALL the 3d work is done by Chris Arnold, TimeSlip Creations is selling this incredibly RARE large scale garage kit of the Colonial Marine Dropship from Ali...

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Lee Ralph’s Build of the TimeSlip ESB Studio Scale Cloud Car

My recently completed Studio Scale Timeslip Twin Pod Cloud Car. This is the revised kit released some time ago, with the larger rear shrouds...

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TimeSlip Creations Studio Scale B.R. Thunderfighter by George Waldron

Catalyst Creations own George Waldron returns with this build of the TimeSlip Creations studio scale Buck Rogers Thunderfighter.

Commission build up of a Timeslip studio scale thunder fighter...

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8 Foot (Studio Scale) TMP Enterprise Refit – WIP by Dan Grumeretz

We have shown small progress of this build before, and now the major construction has begun! I had Dan scratch build the neck, pylons, torpedo bay, arboretum, rec room, and now the shuttle bay...

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COMPLETED! Studio Scale TMP Enterprise Refit Officer’s Lounge by Dan Grumeretz

As seen in the WIP shown HERE, Dan has since completed the Officer’s Lounge that sits in the rear of the Bridge module on top of the Enterprise Refit! Modified utilizing the accurate Studio Scale Loun...

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Studio Scale TMP Enteprise REFIT WIP – The Officer’s Lounge by Dan Grumeretz

Built from the amazing TIMESLIP CREATIONS kit, (originally offered HERE), artist Dan Grumeretz continues this build for the Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic Collection...

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Studio Scale Cloud Car by Dan Grumeretz

Artist Dan Grumeretz came through for the collection once again! This studio scale Cloud Car came to us partially built by artist Mike Salzo...

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