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TWO Studio Scale Enterprise Refits – Fitting the Saucer Halves

With the minor cleanup out of the way, Marc has now begin connecting the two saucer section halves together to now be the upper and lower saucer parts that will be pieces together later.

Both lower sa...

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NEW AREA! Building The Studio Scale Motion Picture Enterprise

With the parts coming together from TimeSlip Creations, and a new shop area for Marc Elkins, the TWO studio scale (8 foot) Star Trek The Motion Picture Enterprise Replicas are now in the beginnings of...

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MORE on the Studio Scale Enterprise 1701 Refit by TimeSlip Creations

Dreams are coming to life with the efforts of TimeSlip Creations to bring the remaining parts of the 8 foot Studio Scale Enterprise 1701 Refit to be the kit they have been creating over the past few y...

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Gemini Freighter by Wold Models & Miniatures

Foxx Wolf again shows us his excellence with this great and tiny TimeSlip Creations kit of the Gemini Freighter.

This is Timeslip Creations’ tiny TINY (yet awesome) Gemini Freighter...

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SOLD!! TimeSlip Creation’s Battlestar Galactica built by Randy Cooper




TimeSlip Creation’s


Including Case!!

 DSC03903 - Copy

GA (4) - Copy

GA (1) - Copy

GA (3) - Copy

GA (2) - Copy

GA (5) - Copy

GA (6) - Copy

To visit Randy Cooper Models site direct, please click the banner link above.


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BR in the 25th Century RANGER 3 by Steve Carricato for the Karl Southcott Collection

From Buck Rogers…. Steve built the Ranger 3!!!

I just finished the commission Build for for the Karl Southcott Collection! This one is a exact copy of the studio Scale model from “TimeslipCreations” K...

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Studio Scale TMP Refit Saucer NOW SHIPPING!! from TimeSlip Creations

Modeler Magic viewers and participants…...

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Studio Scale Star Trek TMP 4 Foot Diameter Saucer from TimeSlip Creations

The guys of TimeSlip are doing amazing work on getting the complete kit going to build the 8 foot studio scale Enterprise from The Motion Picture! Shown here are the final patterns to mold for the mas...

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1:350 Action VI Transport by Nicholas Sagan

This beautiful build of Nicholas Sagan’s was done from a TimeSlip Creations Kit. Fantastic!

Build Name: Action VI Transport
Kit Manufacturer: Timeslip Creations
Scale: 1/350
Build Description: Much de...

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1:1000 Olympic Carriers by Nicholas Sagan

Built from the amazing TIMESLIP Creations kits, artist Nicholas Sagan brought these two small models to life! His attention to detail is fantastic! I can’t even tell how small these are in the photos!...

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