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OUT OF PRODUCTION!! 1:2 Studio Scale TOS Enterprise 1701 by Steve Neill


1966 Star Trek

Starship Enterprise 1701

HUGE at 1:2 Studio Scale

Kit: $1,750 U.S. plus shipping

Complete Build Costs START at $8,000 U.S.

To purchase an Enterprise Kit, or ...

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U.S.S. Daedalus (NCC-129) by Lou Dalmaso

Built from the fantastic Steve Neill kit, artist Lou Dalmaso (of AZTEK DUMMY) did a beautiful job with this piece...

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27 Inch Blockade Runner built by Steve Neill

Built from the fantastic Randy Cooper Kit for the David Jones Collection, famed industry artist Steve Neill joins the other artists who have built this kit to be beautiful! I absolutely love ...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!1:350 Daedalus scratch built by Steve Neill

The Daedalus…. originally one of the first proclaimed Starships to venture out into the universe per Trek History books...

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Anigrand 27 Inch Star Destroyer by Steve Neill

Beautifully built from the Sci Fi Dynamics of Anigrand Kit, industry famed modeler Steve Neill just completed this piece for a client. Notice how Steve does his lighting on this Star Destroyer...

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1:350 Enterprise NX-01 by Steve Neill (with Assist by Doug Drexler)

Industry artist Steve Neill is hands down an amazing artist...

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CG Enterprise 1701 in Space Dock by Steve Neill

Industry famed Steve Neill not only makes films, models, prosthetic pieces and props (in the over 30 years he has spent in the Movie Industry), but he also makes CG Models for films! This Enter...

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