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A Star Destroyer Corner….

Since my home move a few months ago, I have been trying to get my home office and display together. While close to the floor, I turned and saw this… and thought I would share it with everyone...

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MULTI 37 Inch Battlestar Build UPDATE!!!

Artist Dan Grumeretz has been hard at work getting these 3 Battlestar builds nearly completed...

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A Cloud Car Sky – Composite by Dan Grumeretz

Utilizing my Blue Screen photos (SEEN HERE) of the fantastic R.L...

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Modeler Magic to ALL… HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2013


Pictured above is the Devastator by Marc Elkins and Intractible by R.L. Bleecker

Whatever you celebrate, or even do not celebrate, Modeler Magic wishes you the best of seasons! Thank you for your con...

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Imerpial Battle Group – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global Inc / Modeler Magic

I was creating the 2013 Modeler Magic Happy Holidays posting and I liked what I saw, so I kept going...

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“Inevitable Capture” – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn of Kuhn Global / Modeler Magic

Here is a quickie… using BOTH kits that Randy Cooper makes and offers. The Devastator by Marc Elkins… and the Blockade Runner by RL Bleecker. Quick Composite by Kurt Kuhn (me).


View the Devastator ...

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X-Wing ATTACK!! – Composite by BANSHEE Productions

This fantastic work is  from Banshee Productions! Utilizing the Kuhn Global/Modeler Magic Blue Screen photos, and that of models built by our artists shown here on Modeler Magic, Banshee Productions r...

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Pursuit of Red Leader – Darth Vader’s POV – Composite by R.L. Bleecker

Artist R.L. Bleecker has returned with this magnificent POV Composite featuring Darth Vader as he pursues Red Leader, only to kill him a few seconds later. The beauty of this piece is fantastic...

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1:350 Botany Bay by R.L. Bleecker

Artist R.L. Bleecker came out of retirement when one of our viewers at NBC/Universal contacted him specifically to build the Botany Bay that would go along side his Master Replicas Enterprise 1701...

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HIT and RUN – Composite artwork by Robert Gajic

Composite artist Robert Gajic is back with this great piece featuring many fine build’s blue screen shots of the famed different artists we have had the honor to display over the years...

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