HIT and RUN – Composite artwork by Robert Gajic

Composite artist Robert Gajic is back with this great piece featuring many fine build’s blue screen shots of the famed different artists we have had the honor to display over the years. He calls this piece… HIT and RUN!

Robert Gajic here. I have a new image I put together using models from the Star Wars universe. This piece I am calling “Hit And Run”

The Artists work I used here are

Millennium Falcon by Master Replicas
A-Wing by Michael Provenzano
X-Wing (Red Leader) by R.L. Bleecker
X-Wing (Red 2) by R.L. Bleecker
X-Wing (Red 5) by R.L. Bleecker
Y-Wing (Red Jammer) by NICE-N Model Designs
The Star Destroyers I found elsewhere online, I don’t know who built them so I can’t pass along any credits on them…

Hope you enjoy!

Bob G.




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