MULTI 37 Inch Battlestar Build UPDATE!!!

Artist Dan Grumeretz has been hard at work getting these 3 Battlestar builds nearly completed. He is finished with ATLANTIA and GALACTICA and he will finish PACIFICA this coming Monday in order to begin on the studio Bird of Prey. Below are many photos of the completed GAL and ATL, along with their upgrades that Dan made himself, and their comparisons to the original parts Mike Salzo created in his kit, and even Randy’s fantastic upgrade kit parts that are very nice indeed, but not what we were looking for specific to these builds. Dan’s upgrades are additional kit parts, smaller launch tubes and new landing bay entrances he created to match the filming model among other upgrades. The gun above the bridge and was another addition along with several other tiny parts, tubes and wire to make that studio size look appear in this half studio size. Very challenging indeed, and Dan succeeded! He even added penciled in paneling on the bays that are scribed on most studio model replicas. Galactica has a specific bridge window pattern he managed to place in using the smaller fiber optic. We changed that pattern on Atlantia to have separate looks. Also separating the three Battlestars will be their color striping. We took note of the Ron Moore Galactica series using different colors for different Battlestars and decided to do the same on these classic versions. Galactica is RED… Atlantia we made BLACK, and Pacifica will by a dark forest GREEN (not blue as one may think). These represent three of the five Battlestars we saw in the original series opening shot… a scene we will recreate in our Physical Gallery. Thanks to Mike Salzo for making this real… and Dan Grimeretz for his great talents in bringing them to life. These will be hand delivered to me right at the end of November, at which time they will enter the Blue Screen queue line up of models still needing to be photographed. In the mean time… Dan took a few photos, one of which I used to create the Composite you see below…. the used Vipers are R.L. Bleecker builds from my Blue Screen photos. I even managed to place in two landing on ATL…. which still feel a bit too large to me, but they are literally a few pixels large at this point… LOL.

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Just click on the above image to get the 1920X1080 version. I made this from Dan’s photo below…









Below are the three Battlestar’s waiting for their turn to be built…


And here are some of the upgrades and build photos….


The three photos below show the landing bay Dan made. Though already fantastic, Mike’s was too small for us, and Randy’s was to large due to his making actual scaled Vipers to sit inside of his upgrade kit. Looking at the studio model, Dan decided to make his own. His has the sloped entry with the blue tape.




Below are more detail parts that Dan made or added to upgrade the look to the more studio look…














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Dan Grumeretz


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