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VIDEO – Building the Studio Ferengi Marauder by Richard Long!

I have the great honor of owning this fantastic piece that came from the original casting used in Star Trek The Next Generation...

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KIT READY!! Sketchbook 1:24 CONCEPT X-Wing!!! from Sovereign Replicas

MAY 12, 2010 UPDATE!!! KIT READY!!!

After a VERY shorty time, master modeler Richard Long took this McQuarrie Sketch Concept and made it into a 1:24 physical KIT!! This is an outstanding piece ...

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SOLD!! 6 foot Republic Star Destroyer in progress with Richard Long

As of March 20, 2010…...

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Studio Scale Tydirium (Sovereign Replicas Kit) patterned by Neil Ellis

Prices to be announced on this beautiful kit made by Richard Long of Sovereign Replicas, NOW SOLD by NICE-N Model Designs

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1:650 Enterprise 1701-D mastered by Richard Long

This piece is amazing...

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Studio Scale Slave 1 (IN PROGRESS) mastered by Richard Long

December 1, 2012 UPDATE

Timeslip’s George Takacs has teamed up with Jason Eaton to do fully built units of the Studio Slave One.

Oct 18, 2011 UPDATE!

Word has it that eFX has this now in order ...

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