VIDEO – Building the Studio Ferengi Marauder by Richard Long!

I have the great honor of owning this fantastic piece that came from the original casting used in Star Trek The Next Generation. Famed artist Richard Long (of the industry famed Sovereign Replicas) received the original casting and was asked to fix it since it was in poor shape. In order to fund the restoration of the original casting…. Richard was given permission (from the person whom asked fix the original) to make a few ‘fixed’ castings to sell…. one of which now resides in the Collection… and one that was built up by The FX Company for another collector. So far, I believe these to be the only two that were actually built to studio standards in existence…aside from the filming miniature. As you can see… the fiberglass work was done by one of Richard’s TEAM…. his wife Dana… who is quite a fantastic artist herself! This piece now resides in the Hector Rosales Collection

You may view the Blue Screen Photos of this finished piece by clicking on the photo below….


Here is the video of this incredible piece being built by Richard Long and his wife Dana…


To contact professional modeler Richard Long direct, please click on his name anywhere you read it on this page. To view more of Richard’s works, please visit his site, Sovereign Replicas by clicking on the banner below…


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