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SOLD!! Michael Plante’s 1/350 Klingon Bird of Prey (Built by Richard Long Years Ago!)



Star Trek

1/350 Klingon Bird of Prey

(Built by Richard Long Years Ago!)

$600 USD

Plus Shipping

This is a 1/350 AMT/Ertl/Round 2 Klingon BoP built by Richard Long himself from Soverei...

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Tobias Richter’s 1/350 TMP Klingon K’TINGA Cruiser by Richard Long

January 28, 2009
“The Klingons are probably one the most well known Alien race in modern Science Fiction...

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Kuhn Global ANIGRAND 1/144 Rebel Transport Re-Build by Dan Grumeretz – Display Includes BanDai 1/144 X-Wing & Y-Wing

Here is one that was purchased and initially built by artist Richard Long. Unfortunately it met with some challenged transport (no pun intended) and ended up in a few pieces...

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Kuhn Global’s 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie Concept A-Wing by Dan Grumeretz

Artist Ralph McQaurrie will always be remembered for his brilliant and imaginative work in the film and art industry...

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Hector Rosales Collection – Star Trek TNG & DS9 Studio Scale Ferengi Marauder – Cast 1 – Blue Screen Photos by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Originally shown on MMM back on January 2, 2009 , this piece began it’s life in 2005-2006, photographed by me in 2007, and was sold to the Hector Rosales Collection in December of 2011...

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Scott Graham’s Studio Scale Probe Droid Dispatch Pod

Originally shown here on Modeler Magic back on November 19, 2010, I felt this was a great candidate to bring to our front pages once more.

Built from the fantastic studio scale kit briefly released by...

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Kuhn Global’s Ralph McQuarrie/Joe Johnston 1/24 X-Wing by Dan Grumeretz

This one was along time coming. I purchased a few parts from the kit’s original pattern maker (Richard Long) years ago, and I knew then were parts missing...

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Kuhn Global Studio Scale K’RONOS One (Qo’nos One) Replica by Dan Grumeretz – Kuhn Global Blue Screen Photos

What can I say? I have dreamed of this piece for quite some time…. and I know many of you have as well.

Built from the amazing Richard Long studio scale Klingon K’TINGA kit (of which only 5 or 6 were ...

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Patrick Reilly Brings to Life the McQuarrie Concept X-Wing Concept Painting

The scene was composited using 4 photos.
– 1/24 McQuarrie X wing model
– 1/72 Bandai Tie Fighter (duplicated)
– 2 deathstar panels from Bandai

The Images were cropped and composited in Photoshop...

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Patrick Reilly’s – Richard Long Patterned – FM Model Co. 1/24 Ralph McQuarrie X-Wing

I am an artist from Orlando Florida. My main job is doing concept art for attractions through out the world, but occasionally I also do fantasy m/sci-fi books, magazine and comic cover art.
Up until t...

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