Studio Scale Moebius Cylon Raider by Dr. Stefan Piasecki

I finalized another one of my models, this time a Cylon Raider by Moebius. I do not have to praise the kit itself as others have done this before. Also third party cockpits are a usual thing as are electronics being added to a model.
Some features may make my model interesting for others:
1) The background of the cockpit was created following behind-the-scene imagery of the original cockpit, incl. the flashing lights that can clearly be seen in the background on wall on the left and right behind the third Cylon´s head (in my version, Baltar´s head). I know the cockpit was changed throughout the show, but mine resembles the version that was used in the first half of the first season. Adding tiny tiny flashing LED’s and fixing them at secure places so that the wires do not slip off was a delicate approach that I had to do three times with different solutions until it finally worked.
2) the third party cockpit I used I had to alter quite a bit. I had to remove the back plate and had to also change the central console. I added details / lining to it and also some kind of screen (used a back mirror of a car model for this). Also the front console received an update – in the center we now have a round column-like element just like the original had.
3) I added thin rubber to cover all gaps and prevent any light from shining out. It works great since it is flexible enough, not heavy and not difficult to apply at all.
4) I changed the canopy of the model. I did not use Paragrafx louvers but cast the original canopy in resin. It used a number of tries and several runs pouring resin to the sides into the grilles and then did the same with the the top. I needed to keep the resin thin and at the right places to later be able to easily remove thinner areas which should become the openings of the louvers. Even after performing this trick it took hours to work out the openings and make each one equal. The canopy was very fragile and only after the drilling and sanding was done I was able to add more glue and structure to make it truly stable before in the end I was able to apply thick transparent sheets of plastic to seal the canopy. I feel that this method makes the canopy look much more like a solid thing than the Paragrafx version although their idea is great. I was just of the opinion that there could be another possibility and was lucky enough to have succeeded.
5) Final weathering was done with a brush and water colors using other model’s references on your site, especially the one produced by artist Marc Elkins. I wanted the weathering to look realistic and not make the model appear old or wrecked. I did not add the phantom Cylon logo because I believe that this was just a reflection or copy error on film back in the day and not on the original studio miniature. Maybe I am wrong but who knows…

The result is a Cylon Raider that finally sports a lit / fully equipped cockpit with a new canopy that looks as natural as the original one and has all the lights at the right places.

All the best




Adding Electronics & Cockpit

Creating a New Canopy




Final Display


Dr. Stefan Piasecki










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