Viper Launch Tube Build By Professor Dr. Stefan Piasecki

Viper Launch Tube Build By Professor Dr. Stefan Piasecki


After I finished my A/B Cylon Raider I initially wanted to work on my next novel and give some rest to my model building passion. Then I found my old Revell Viper that was equipped with electronics which ceased working long ago and I didn´t even remember what was done inside back then and thought I could maybe fix it. Once this was done, and even a blinking light was added, I found some very interesting launch tube files on the web. My printer wasn´t used for ages so I thought I should give it a test and print some parts. Well, what I ended up with some weeks later was a complete studio decoration of a Viper launch tube. Of course unlike with my models I didn´t pay too much attention on the details of the launch tube. The Viper just needed a place where it can be presented. I also added some pilots that were both created from 3D printed parts and resin. I like it. It is now being presented in one large display case together with a Moebius Raider and 6th Mill. Viper (all being the same scale) on one side and the A/B Cylon Raider (studio scale), a Revell Cylon Raider and Joyride Viper (also being the same scale as can be seen in The Night the Cylons landed) on the other side.

If you want, drop me a line.

Thank you for your attention

Stefan Piasecki

Parts used:

Revell Viper

Launch tube files from:


P.S.: I write novels under the pseudonym “Stefan Boucher”. One has recently been published in English. The book is about a former game developer who is now working on bio-implants that give people direct access to virtuality. Of course, there’s a reference to Galactica there, too. If you want to check it out:


Dr. Stefan Piasecki






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