YT2400 Outrider (Work in Progress) mastered by Morten Moeslund

Another beautiful scratch built by professional modeler Morten Moeslund!

Here is what Mr. Moeslund has to say…

One of my project is the YT2400 Outrider. The Outrider is an “upgraded” Falcon (YT1300). I wanted to build something of the “left overs” from the Falcon. I have tons of parts from varius modelkits and I might aswell use them, this way I can get more out of the money I’ve spend so far.

Ive actually started making the model in 2004, but for some reason I stopped working on it. Maybe I wasn’t 100% satisfied with what Ive build so far, maybe I got stuck on some parts, I dont know. But in mid November 2008 I began working on it again. This time I more or less started over with a new body.

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