LEGO 43 Inch!! BSG75 Galactica by Bart Larrow

Lego building is a form of art I had never considered before just a month ago. Then Garry King’s works were shown to me….. and now we have a dedicated area for them!

I have the great pleasure of introducing another great Lego artist to this Gallery… artist Bart Larrow (aka ElBarto)! Showing first is his magnificent build of the Ron Moore Galactica that Eric Chu designed… and Lee Stringer digitally made for Battlestar Galactica. I love this piece!

This is what Bart has to say of this creation…

The Galactica is made entirely of Lego bricks.  It’s over 3 and a half feet long, weighing about 24 pounds.  I used still shots from the Re-imagined Series, and some spec drawings I found online.

Bart Larrow

To view MORE of Bart Larrow’s works, please click the banner link below..







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