Nearly 60 Inch!!! Battlestar Galactica – Lego build by Garry King

I absolutely love LEGOs! Showing these fantastic pieces that Garry and other Lego artists have produced really brings back some fun memories.

This piece is magnificent! At nearly 60 inches in length…. this well outshines the 4 foot beast I made in 1979 in every way! I cannot believe the detail that has been placed on this by Garry! Let alone the shape that is complicated enough! Fantastic!

Here is what Garry has to say…


DIMENSIONS… Length  1520mm x Width   540mm x  Height 210mm not including the stand.

OR …   59.84 inches long X 21.25 inches wide X 8.26 inches high not including the stand

Weight 15 kilograms. OR 33 pounds of lego.

Parts count … 10261

This was the first large lego build for my obsession for Battlestar Galactica. The obsession began in 1980 when I first saw Battlestar Galactica on the television, thus sparking my interest to own a Battlestar.  All shops were sold out or no longer selling, the merchandise side was a flop in Australia. I relied on my memory and very poor quality photos I took of the television screen when the show aired again. I built a 4 foot cardboard model of the Galactica, then 6 more after that as I got better quality images. Then a friend gave me his viper and raider, he was going to hang them on the clothes line and burn them as they were swiveled around. Glad I saved them…

No Blueprints, sketches were used I used my commercial and scratch built Galactica as a guide.

Garry King



I just received another email praising this fantastic build of Garry King’s….. from famed artist E. James Small…

I am totally blown away by the job you did on that one! I hope you will contact the LEGO people and have this thing inducted into the LEGO hall of fame or something! That is truly an incredible achievement and I’d hate to think how many $$$$ of lego were used.
I’m a Lego fan myself and love to build with it but it’s so expensive. I gave my kids a pile of it over the years when I could find it on sale but yours is simply the most amazing lego construction I have ever seen, online or otherwise.


For Excellence In Model Building,

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And another!!

That Lego Battlestar….unbelievable!!!!!!!   What a brilliant build & result.

Paul. K. Nyul

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