1:100 Monitor Huascar by Erick Navas

I absolutely love this artist’s works! Mr. Erick Navas again impresses this gallery with his build of the Monitor Huascar! The detailing is magnificent as are the water effects! What really stands out for me is the realistic weathering of the ships hull!

Again, taken direct from the pages of Dario Hector Gerlini’s fantastic military modeling group, I.P.M.SOL, here is what Erick has to say…

Monitor Huascar
Escala 1:100 Modelo de papel o papermodel de la revista Caretas
(Tripulacion y detalles adicionales en varios materiales)
El Huascar fue realmente un vapor de cañon construido en Inglaterra en 1864 por encargo del Perú. En tiempos en los que estos navios eran diseños experimentales el bajo nivel de su cubierta sobre el nivel del mar, apenas 1.37 mts, lo asemejaba a los monitores que son basicamente barcos de rio en donde no hay oleaje alto, por eso comunmente se le llama “monitor”.

Monitor Huascar

1:100 scale model of the paper or magazine Caretas papermodel
(Crew and additional details on various materials)
The Huascar was actually a steam cannon built in England in 1864 on behalf of Peru. In times when these ships were the low level experimental designs for the roof above the sea, just 1.37 meters, which resembled the monitors that are basically boats river where there is high surf, so commonly called “Monitor.”

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