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CAPTAIN SCARLET Ground Carrier by Alan Walker

From Gerry Anderson’s classic 1960’s TV show Captain Scarlet is this mall scratch built model (miniature) replica. No plans of the studio model survived. This was made by using screen grabs.
Alan Walk...

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Adam Johnson’s 1/72 Captain Scarlet Spectrum Helicopter

This is my 1/72 scale Captain Scarlet Spectrum Helicopter. The model is only 8″ long. I paid high attention to matching the 2 foot filming miniature, especially the detailed cockpit interior...

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Alan Walker’s THUNDERBIRD 2

Once again artist Alan Walker shows us his wonderful scratch builds from his Gerry Anderson Collection. Thunderbird 2!


Model prop an...

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Alan Walker’s – SKYSHIP ONE – From the Movie THUNDERBIRD 6

This is another scratch build I made. In the movie Brains, pretending to be a scientist, designs this futuristic airship for an airline company. On board is Lady P...

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Gerry Anderson’s JOE 90 Cyranian Airlines Passenger Jet by Alan Walker

From Gerry Anderson’s classic 1960’s TV Series Joe 90, this is the Cyranian Airlines passenger jet. It is a small scratch built model… scaled replica...

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FOR SALE!! SPACE 1999 R2/MPC 22″ Eagle Transporter from Buchanan Studio’s Albert Buchanan


Buchanan Studio

Albert Buchanan


22″ Eagle Transporter

$350 USD

Plus Shipping

Payment Methods Accepted: PAYPAL (Modeler Magic Always Recommends Using PAYPAL for BOTH Purchaser and...

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Alan Walker’s CAPTAIN SCARLET “Angel” Carrier

Once again this industry artist shows us something rare to view… an “Angel” Carrier from Gerry Anderson’s series Captain Scarlet! Scratch built as usual, the detail is great! Alan captured in this pie...

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Gerry Anderson’s JOE 90 Orbital Glide Transport (OGT) by Alan Walker

I recently had the pleasure of corresponding with industry artist Alan Walker, who is both a prop and miniature artist. He has so many ‘gems’ to show, many of which are of Gerry Anderson’s designs...

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