COLLECTOR ALERT!! 1:1 Looney Tunes “PePe Le Pew” Sculpture by Dan Grumeretz

Made for my wife as a Christmas Gift from me, professional artist Dan Grumeretz (of the well known GRUMERETZ ILLUSTRATION) did a fantastic job creating this life sized (or what we assume would be life size with his tail reaching 24 inches in height from the base) PePe Le Pew from the famous Looney Tunes Cartoons most of us grew up with! Complete with a 30 second sound clip of PePe’s finest statements and recollecting music of his prancing, this piece is one in a million for my wife’s collection of these great classic pieces! Now, Dan has casted what he has done for me in order to present this fine piece as an offering to any who also collect these large classic cartoon pieces! They go along nicely with the large Disney statues that currently sell online and in the parks! A beautiful piece from master artist Dan Grumeretz!


MMM Gallery/Museum Appraised at $2,500 U.S.

To contact professional artist Dan Grumeretz direct about purchasing one of these beautiful pieces, please click on his name anywhere on this page. To visit his site, please click the banner link below…


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