Revell JJ-Prise 1701 by Chris Dobinson

It has been a very long time, and we are proud to welcome back artist Chris Dobinson to this Gallery to show his fantastic build of the JJ-Prise! Outstanding!!


I would like to submit my JJ Abrams Enterprise I made over the Summer for all to see. I used the PNT replacement registry markings for the kit parts along with the alternate “Refit” style markings as I found the underside of the saucer to blank and I prefer the Ships name on the fan tail…more like real ships that way. Finally, all the aztecing and paneling was done with artists pencils so I could get a much more subtle effect than most decals and it was easier to adjust ad work progressed them paint. All the striping, etc., are hand painted too as I felt the kit supplied decals where to dark. Full build up thread is on the Resin Illuminati if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking.

Chris Dobinson




Chris Dobinson

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