SOLD!!! Master Replicas’ U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 Commemorative Edition Artist Proof from Barry Jones

Barry Jones


Star Trek / Master Replicas

Enterprise NCC-1701
Commemorative Edition


NOW In the Albert Siow Collection!!

From the personal collection of Barry Jones, former Star Wars Product Manager at Master Replicas, This is a unique opportunity to acquire this rare, sold out collectible! This is a meticulously researched and lovingly produced replica of the beloved Original Series Enterprise.

This is one of the factory paint masters and features on of the best paint jobs seen on these replicas. Some
light chipping where one nacelle enters the body. Electronics in full working order. Comes with an Artist Proof plaque
signed by the living cast members and reproduced signatures for the two deceased. This model was on display in my
office but has been packed away and stored for the past three years.

Beautiful Model!

Barry Jones


Folder inside




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