1:900 (28 Inch) Enterprise 1701-D WIP by Rick Sternbach

December 2012
The one and only casting given to Rick of this cancelled Kit

now sits in the Modeler Magic / Kuhn Global Collection

for ALL to view. After the build is completed, photos will follow.


When DeAgostini cancelled the 1:900 Enterpirse 1701-D kit (that they had worked together with Rick Sternbach to produce), many model builders were disappointed. One good thing that will come out of this is that DeAgostini sent parts of one to Rick himself as appreciation for his work. Nearly two months ago, (my apology for the delay) Rick sent me this photo of the Enterprise D (that is held together with tape) to tell me he will eventually build the piece! He let me know that when he does, he would try to show the build here on Modeler Magic. That stated… I am very anxious to view what he does with it. He knows all there is to know regarding this model… as well as the original filming models…and I know it will be beautiful when finished.

Please do not contact Rick about this model. There are no copies of it to be had, and he will be building this ONE when he has time. It will be then he will show it here.. among other select sites.


To visit Rick Sternbach’s excellent site, please click his banner link below…

(Again, please do not contact Rick about this build.)




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