15 Inch BOTANY BAY DY-100 Sleeper Ship by Jeff Pollizzotto

Scratch built to resemble the Star Trek “Re-Mastered” HD Video, Jeff Pollizzotto did a fantastic job with this piece! This is a vessel that always remains in my imagination….. the ship from “SPACE SEED” with the amazing Ricardo Montalban as the tyrant KHAN! Jeff did an absolute fantastic job!

Here is what Jeff has to say of this creation…

Here are a few shots of a Trek DY-100 class starship I scratch built. It’s 15″ long and done in the colors of the re-mastered “Space Seed” episode. The only area I took some liberties in the design was at the rear engine section. I wanted to add some realistic engine nozzles instead of the filming miniatures race car blower and hot rod grille parts. (Being a car “nut” as well as a sci-fi modeler, made it easy for me to spot the parts on the filming miniature).

The model is painted in my favorite Duro brand T-235 grey primer and that became the final color of the model. Steel wool was used to wear don the surfaces and the model was airbrushed with Flat Dark Grey (by Tamiya) to simulate the “burned” areas of the ship. I then went back over the airbrushed areas dry brushing Tamiya NATO black to punch up the burn marks on the hull.

The “Botany Bay” decals were done on Adobe Illustrator and printed on decal paper on my laser jet printer.


Jeff Pollizzotto

JP Modelworks


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