OUT OF PRODUCTION!1:350 Daedalus scratch built by Steve Neill

The Daedalus…. originally one of the first proclaimed Starships to venture out into the universe per Trek History books. Now made into a fantastic model KIT by famed artist Steve Neill! Here we see not only one, but two that he is building for himself, and his friend … famed artist Doug Drexler!

Here is what Steve has to say…

Daedalus Project finished!

Got both models finished today with decals. The Acreation Models Decals are just great as usual. Though and very thin. No problems found.

Got the spikes on for your picky types.

Tomorrow I have 10 kits to make up!

I did them both a bit different. One to Doug’s taste and one to mine. He picked USS Daedalus and mine Essex.

Bases are done and poles glued in. As you can see Doug’s sits well on the CG on a single pole with no issues. Solid as a rock.

Here’s the trick I used for the black lines. A marker and some Tamyia tape. Looks painted on but it was so easy to adjust and get straight without screwing the paint job up with markers or paint pens.


Steve Neill

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