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USS Voyager Studio Model from Doug Drexler, Michael Okuda and Rick Sternbach

Last month famed Star Trek artist Doug Drexler placed up on his FaceBook page these fantastic photos of the Voyager studio model...

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Special DREX FILES Presentation by Doug Drexler


Doug Drexler of the Drex Files recently found a video filmed by Gary Hutzel of the USS Reliant re-done as the Sutherland for the TNG and DS9 series...

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Blood & Chrome MK III Viper Orthos from Doug Drexler thru Dale Long

Dale Long (owner of the famed emailed me the orthos from Doug Drexler of the Mk III Vipers seen in Blood & Chrome! I must admit…...

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Space Command…. A Fantastic New FILM Series… NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT

Some of our friends are creating a fantastic new series that needs our support to happen! Space Command is what science fiction is all about! Take a look!




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OUT OF PRODUCTION!1:350 Daedalus scratch built by Steve Neill

The Daedalus…. originally one of the first proclaimed Starships to venture out into the universe per Trek History books...

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1:350 Enterprise NX-01 by Steve Neill (with Assist by Doug Drexler)

Industry artist Steve Neill is hands down an amazing artist...

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1:1000 Doug Drexler’s NX-01 Refit mastered & built by Starcraft Models

Starcraft Models (Dennis St. Pierre) has come out with some very nice kits in the past, and when I came across this conversion kit for sale on STARFLEET MODELS site, I contacted Jay immediately to ask...

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