1:24 – Studio Scale RED 5 X-Wing by Scott Boon

Our SECOND newest artist to this Gallery is Mr. Scott Boon! Today Scott shows us his very first Studio Scale RESIN Kit build! What a fantastic beginning! Built from the Atomic City (Captain Cardboard) Studio Scale X-Wing, this piece looks great! The lighting and weathering really make this piece shine. I love the back-lit base, laser etched bu Laserfire Creations! A great first showing by artist Scott Boon!

Below is what Scott has to say of this piece…

Here are the photos of my recently finished SS Red 5. I got back into modeling about 8 months ago by being inspired by a certain artist… Mr. Ian Lawrence, and the Gallery site ModelerMagic of course. This is my first resin kit and it was great fun to build. It has certainly been my favorite build so far and I will be building more SS resin kits in the future. I painted this piece using various methods, airbrush, washes and pastels.  I built the stand, as I always fancied a back-lit plaque – made by Matt Davis at the fantastic laserfirecreations.com. As you can see it’s completely lit, with independent flicker circuits for each engine, moveable pilot head and fully lit cockpit. Each Wing is secured by brass pins, which accommodate the wiring, and the wing mounts are secured with 6mm allen bolts. I built the display so that it can be ‘flat packed.’

Enjoy! And Thank You!

Best Regards,

Scott Boon


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