1:12 Gundam RX78 GP01Fb scratch built by Jawon, Koo


Modeling for over twenty years, this artist now teaches Industrial Design at a University in South Korea! I have the great honor of introducing to this gallery today artist Jawon, Koo! His first showing is this fantastic Gundam be built from scratch! The details placed into this piece is fatastic! This piece is amazing and I am looking forward to being able to show even more of this artists works!

This is what Jawon, Koo has to say regarding this creation…

The work what I submit this time is “Gundam RX78 GP01Fb”, among the series of “Gundam Robot” which is one of Japaness leading animation.
It is the 1/12 scale, and the real sizes are height 68cm, width 50cm, and depth 48cm.
It took three-month period to complete.
The materials primarily used are Chami-wood and ABS plastic, and incidentally used Acryl and Formax also.
The painting, used lacquer paint after applying industrial surface, and South Korea’s “SMP house” paint for metallic effect.

Thank you,

Jawon, Koo

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gundam gp01 030

gundam gp01 031

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