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IRON MAN 2 Bust by Jawon, Koo of M2 Design

Jawon, Koo (GU) is one of the best artists in the business. His works are known world wide and have become highly in demand by collectors...

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“Death” VADER Helmet hand crafted by Jawon, Koo of M2 Design

South Korean Artist Jawon, Koo…....

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1:12 Gundam RX78 GP01Fb scratch built by Jawon, Koo


Modeling for over twenty years, this artist now teaches Industrial Design at a University in South Korea! I have the great honor of introducing to this gallery today artist Jawon, Koo! His first show...

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T-16 Skyhopper – Scratch Built by Brad Dillon

Everyone remembers the scene in Star Wars where c3Po is getting his oil bath while Luke asks him questions about where he and R2-D2 came from...

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6 Foot ENTERPRISE 1701 Refit – Scratch Built by Jason Ware

I am honored today to be able to introduce a builder to this Gallery who has been inspirational to me in his talents, proving that dreams ARE achievable! Professional Photographer, and Model Master Ja...

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