WARP Shuttle “Columbia” Scratch & Bash by Anthony L. Smith

Building since he was 5 years of age, and being inspired by the Starship Enterprise that most of us also were, our newest shown artist shows his Star Trek design skills in this creation of his own. Obviously assigned to the Enterprise 1701-E, and named Columbia, this shuttle-craft design really fit right in with that era’s shuttles. Very sleek, this design looks like it very much could have been utilized for the movies and television series. Nicely done by artist Tony Smith!

To contact artist Anthony L. Smith direct, please click HERE.

Warp Shuttle

Warp Shuttle Top

Warp Shuttle Starboard detail

Warp Shuttle Piolet

Warp Shuttle Nav Deflector

Warp Shuttle Bowe

Warp Shuttle Aft

Enterprise Warp Shuttle Pix by Tony

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