Venator RSD by Warren Zoell

Here is another fantastic piece from Warren Zoell! Great work!



Here’s my Venator offering though nothing can compare to what that guy in Germany did. What could? It’s amazing! Still I think it turned out alright for what it is.

Here are some images plus a composite of  Revell’s Venator Class Republic Star Destroyer.
I decided to put fiber optics into this model as I came across one of those old fiber optic Christmas Trees leaning against the dumpster outside. So I decided to strip it of all its fibery goodness.
I was never one to load up a model with lots of lights. I think it gives it a kind fake look to it. Besides with all those lights it looks too much like… well… a Christmas tree.
I also decided to paint this model in my own dark copper motif as opposed to the red example called out for in the instructions.







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