USS da VINCI and USS GALILEO – Scratch and Bash Builds by Jeff Pollizzotto

I never get tired of viewing this artist’s creations…. as they very much belong in the Star Trek Universe we have all come to know so well. Today we have the honor of show two of Jeff’s creations…which are outstanding!

Here is what Jeff has to say of these builds…

The da VINCI was designed as an update to my earlier designed USS GALILEO which was built in the 80’s.

I used the same basic module design and updated it with a sleeker design. This was to be a faster first line of defense ship and is also slightly smaller than the earlier GALILEO. The GALILEO was more of an exploration ship.

After a bunch of sketches were done I began building. Most of the sub assemblies were built and then assembled as a unit. The model was built using mostly .100” styrene and detailed with .020” and .040” surface detail “plates”. The connecting sections between the command section, the engineering section and the propulsion section were made from Evergreen tube stock and detailed with styrene bits and bent welding wire.

I wanted the model to have Trek style warp engines but I wanted them to be “early” style designs (pre NCC-1701). It’s an interesting blend of angular and tubular shapes.

Many elements were also inspired by the iconic “Nostromo” from the first “ALIEN” movie. The nose spikes and the rear engine section being the most obvious. Surface details were added from the parts box as well as many bits from the MSG line of detail parts made by Kotobukiya and sold through Starship Modeler.

After construction was complete, the model was painted with Duro brand primer and the final color coats were done in Tamiya Dark Sea grey.

The decals were first drawn out in Adobe Illustrator and printed on decal paper, clear coated and added to the surface.

The model was then washed with my “magic” wash mix of Future, NATO black and flat base. Doc O’Briens pastels were then used to add the subtle shades of color to the models surface.

MV lenses were then added for all the formation lights.

The model is 1/537 scale and measures 24.5“ long.

Jeff Pollizzotto

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Front view 5

Front view 3

Engine area

Front view

Rear view 3

Rear view 5

Rear view



This is the USS Galileo that was mentioned in the info page for the DaVinci model, It was built in the 80’s and was featured in Bob Balaban’s 1982 short film SPFX-1140.





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