USS Cygnus by E. James Small

The Black Hole… one of Disney’s most expensive films to make for it’s time period. The designs from this movie were extremely unique, be it the Robots, or the Cygnus herself. A huge, girder-type of star ship, glowing in the blackness of space. Even the Studio Model (SEEN HERE) was beautiful to view while filming. However… what a monster to build! Back in 2001, professional artist E. James Small took one of the small models (offered back then), stretched it to more match the studio model by giving it an additional section from a second kit. Then painting the model in a florescent color, he began to painstakingly paint each and every single girder on the model itself… giving it the look it needed to be like the studio model. Also scratch built for this display was a tiny Palomino, the ship that was sent to investigate the Black Hole, but instead found the derelict Cygnus and her now robotic crew being run by a mad man. The lighting effect itself was from shining a black-light onto the florescent paint of the model for photographing. Quite brilliant! I understand James is in the middle of building yet another currently! This piece is unique and quite outstanding.

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