UPDATE!! Beyond the Infinite – Short Film Studio Model Work by Charles Adams, Rick Ingalsbe and Crew


Artist Charles Adams, Rick Ingalsbe, Richard Lindstrom and crew are working hard to finish the amazing miniature from Beyond the Infinite!

Once again, this is a big update so the photos will be sent in a separate e-mail in an attached ZIP file. Please let me know ASAP if you don’t receive them.

As we enter the final stage of the project, we’re spending more time on smaller details. We got the ring module primed and it will be the “anchor” for final assembly of the model on the armature.

It took about 3 days to build the “basket” for the turbine module. This removable assembly is not only one of the most intricately detailed parts of the ship, it also contains three separate built-in lighting effects. We tested one of those effects — the red turbine glow — and it looked incredible.

The original design was to have the heatsink sticking out of a large tube. I found that mounting it inside the tube makes for a much more dramatic effect. It now appears to glow red like an oven heating element.

Richard spent an entire week detailing the open hex module. This has become a showpiece, competing for attention with the ring and main engines. Because of all the work that went into this section, I decided it needs to have its own integrated lighting. We found a way to hide 8 individual fiber optic spotlights in the structure that make it self illuminate in the dark. The effect is amazing.

I also spent time this weekend cleaning up and detailing the bow module. It’s nearly complete and ready to be mounted on the armature.

The last remaining details to be attended to involve the cooling modules. Since they are the main mounting points, these must be complete before we can assemble the model on its armature. I have run fiber optics in one of the modules and there is still some more work to be done before they can be detailed.

We also have to finish detailing the three engines that go on the very back of the ship. Those are assembled, LEDs are installed, and they are ready for final finishing.

This week we reached a major milestone in the project — final assembly of the modules on the main armature. The front half of the ship has now been permanently mounted on the frame and the front wire harness (umbilical) has been installed.

We also completed the lighting effects for the ring section and main engines 1 and 2. In addition, custom miniature “can” lights were fabricated and installed in the front cooling module. These face aft and light up the hex cargo module. As far as I know, this is the first time such lighting effects have been created in miniature using fiber optics. The overall look is very similar to what you might see on a building at night.

The open hex module (shown in the lighting test last week) is next to be installed. After that, we’ll button up the rear mount and install the turbine module with engines 3 and 4.

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