KIT ALERT!! from Dynamic Digital Creations! LARGE!! 1:17 Colonial Viper MKII


Tony Celliers


1/17 Colonial Viper MKII

Kit Scale: 1/17

Kit Materials: Resin

Kit Price: $365 (With Decals)

Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location

Shipping: World-Wide

Kit Availability: NOW!

Payment Methods Accepted: PayPal (plus Fees), Telegrapgh or Transfer Wise

Kit Description: I am proud to present the 1/17 Viper MK2 from Battlestar Galactica.

Modeled directly from the CG series renders and detail taken from the full size mock up, this is the Viper every BSG fan must have.

Many years in the making and finally ready to hold in the hand.
The kit is a combination of resin casts, direct resin prints and FDM printed parts.
A moderate amount of skill will be needed to build the finer bits although in general a low level of skill will be required for the main sections.

This is a collection of the original model renders showing the multiple sections of this complex and highly detailed Viper MK2 resin model and the progress photos of the prototype kit.

You wont be disappointed, I know because I’m not.
I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to detail. In saying this I built this model for myself with high detail and I am glad I can now make it available to everybody.
There is provision for lighting as the whole kit snaps together once the 2 halves have been glued together.

The price of this beauty is $315.00 with the decal set (Excluding shipping cost), once the decal sets I have available are finished it will be $300.00 (Decals can be ordered directly from JBOT decals for $15). http\://
You will get the landing gear with integrated gear covers as well as the closed covers and 3 part stand for your choice of display.

The choice is as follows.

Hero or Classic cockpit consisting of 8 parts each (Main Dash, Top dash, 2x side consoles, Seat, Headrest detail, Seatbelt and Tub)
The JBOT decals includes the Hero and Standard cockpit set.

The Hero cockpit is more detailed and used mainly by Starbuck and in the final viper shot flown by Adama.
The classic cockpit is less detailed and is the one that’s standard in the full size mock up.

The cockpit is made to be interchangeable as long as the main nose section hasn’t been glued on.
The Hero or standard rear detail will be part of the cockpit set, if you choose Hero you get the rear box detail inset, if you choose the Classic cockpit you get the 4 vertical line style inset unless you specify which one you would like.

The cost of the alternate cockpit set including a rear top detail insert will be $60.00, if you would like another style rear detail please ask me and you will get your preferred style, if you would like an extra one it will be $10.

I am based in South Africa so a shipping cost must be requested (DHL is preferred and a reasonable price).

Payment can be made via Transfer Wise.
If you prefer Paypal add 5 percent to the full price for banking fees.


Keep your eyes on this page (Dynamic Digital Creations) and the other BSG pages for updates

This model is only slightly larger than a 1/18 scale, all 1/18 scale products will be compatible and 1/17 figures. Full length is 47cm

Models are on a first come first serve and paid customers will get first as this is not my full time job models will be available from time to time.

Reply on this same post under my page (Dynamic Digital Creations).

Thanks and have a great day.


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