“To Hell and Back” Audie Murphy figure by Stephen Hoyle

One of my favorite, and classic films of WWII was one that was based on the actual events of actor Audie Murphy. He portrayed himself in the film showing amazing heroism “To Hell and Back”. Shown here is Stephen Hoyle’s special re-do of a WWII soldier figure into Audie…. to honor all who have served.. and will serve.

I want to share with you and everybody a project i have been working on for the last two days. As a kid I grew up watching war movies and westerns, but one film has stayed with me over the years “To Hell and Back” with Audie Murphy. Not just because it is such a classic movie, but it was a true story! So I made my mind up to try a tribute build of Audie as he might have appeared in 1945. Sadly there is not much information on the internet mainly his service record and very little pictures.

I found a great kit from alpine miniatures, the 120mm Bar Gunner. This is a wonderful kit in its own right. The only thing I have changed is the gun and added a grenade and a shovel. It has just been our remembrance day here, 11/11/2012. My family have served in WWII and my cousin is serving now in the Royal Marine Commandos…. so for me by doing this kit I have not just been honoring one of Americas finest soldiers but all how have served, and are currently serving today!


Kind Regards,

Steve Hoyle.








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