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1:35 Gunhed by Stephen Hoyle

Stephen Hoyle returns with this great build of the 1:35 Gunhed! It has been a while since we have shown some of Stephen’s works! This is a good one to return with!

I have been working on a new kit sin...

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“To Hell and Back” Audie Murphy figure by Stephen Hoyle

One of my favorite, and classic films of WWII was one that was based on the actual events of actor Audie Murphy. He portrayed himself in the film showing amazing heroism “To Hell and Back”...

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MkV Red Spartan by Stephen Hoyle

Once again artist Stephen Hoyle comes forward with another toy re-do of the magnificent Halo genre!







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HALO Noble Six Figure toy conversion by Stephen Hoyle

Halo is one of my favorite conceived games of all time...

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Starcraft 2 Terran Space Marine by Stephen Hoyle

Artist Stephen Hoyle has returned with this fantastic repaint of this piece to look as magnificent as it looks now! Beautiful work!

I have for your consideration the terran space marine from starcraft...

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Colonial Marine by Stephen Hoyle

“GAME OVER MAN! GAME OVER!” That is just one of the classic lines yelled by Colonial Marine Hudson in the Movie ALIENS. This model is a mixture of kits and pieces to make up Colonial Marine Hicks...

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