Tholian Cruiser by Kevin Stooksbury

Artist Kevin Stooksbury returns with this great scratch build of the vessel we all know from the original series Star Trek episode…. The Tholian Web! A beautiful build!

Here are images of a recent scratch build project I did of the Tholian cruiser from TOS Star Trek. The “wings”” of the ship are made of .50 sheet styrene and attached over a wooden dowel rod. The nose was cast from resin. The finished model is about 11 inches long. I debated painting it gray like the studio model, but decided to go with the way it actually appeared in the episode. I painted it a titanium steel and highlighted it with Tamiya clear orange and red to get the prismatic effect. It is hard to see in the photos, but the color effect changes from red to gold to orange as you walk around the model. As on the studio model, the triangle sections on the delta shaped “wings” are chrome adhesive foil. The finished project was mounted on a simple metal rod. My wife took the pictures with her camera equipment and backdrop (her hobby). Old school simple design, very retro 1960s.

Kevin Stooksbury

front view tholian


Tholian cruiser

Kevin Stooksbury

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